This is my 24 Hour Media Diary
required for the first part of Assignment 1 for WEB207

It was completed on Monday 29th November 2010


woke to iPad alarm, radio is broadcasting Ashes Cricket (radio has been on all night as usual) Began to check emails on iPad before getting out of bed.

home phone rang, required the PC to be switched on for husband

back to bed and checking emails on iPad. Lots of updates from subscribed thread in BB about a missing word.

checked Twitter, still in bed, saw bit about media diary by @decuni and figured today was as good as any to do mine.

text message on mobile, read it but will ignore it, just a past business trying to get more money for no good reason

Started writing Media diary on iPad. Radio is still on with Ashes Cricket.

Switched to the TV coverage of the ashes, still in bed. Played Gin Rummy on iPad.

iPad alarm goes off, reminding me of Bowling at 1pm. Better get up and moving. Checked emails again, just junk mail, deleted them.

checked other email account on PC, checked BB for new posts, 42 since I last looked, will have a very quick look. Mostly more introductions. Will leave the Admin section to later.

in car heading to supermarket and bowling. Radio on playing music (Triple M). Advertising on bus shelters and sides of vehicles. Took no real notice of content though. Went past The Gabba, not surprised by the amount of media vehicles in the parking lot, it is the Ashes after all.

just finished in Woolworths, Christmas decorations up already and its not yet December. Then there was all the other stuff screaming for you to buy it. Newsagent had big banners up for the $31M superdraw on New Years Eve, got an entry. Back in car, music still playing. Driving on freeway now, no advertising.

At bowling. No loud music like there usually is thank goodness, still the monitors not being used for scoring are showing music videos relating to the soft music playing, and sometimes they are displaying food ads for the in house cafe. iPad in use at end of every game to record scores (4 games each – 2 people)

back in car driving, music on, adverts on buildings and vehicles.

entered appointment in iPad calendar for next week

back home in carpark, must be in range of WiFi Modem, just got sound alerts for Twitter & Email. will read them when I get upstairs.

inside, PC is switched on, TV is turned on (Ashes), iPad is checked for Email & Twitter. Twitter post made and junk emails deleted.

back in front of computer, making diary notes on iPad and checking other email account.  Browsing through latest editions to Google Reader, love getting Dilbert every day, so true and yet amusingly funny.

Checking Facebook for messages and game requests. Will deal with most later. Better deal with a few straight away though.

Backed up iPad on PC

Checked on BB for new posts on PC (another 40 since this morning). Used iPad to see what the new email is (sound alert)(post from BB) Decided to put Tweetdeck back on desktop for easy access, too much is happening to not have it easy seen.

replied to posts on BB & Twittered where needed

TV still on, just saw the end of the first Ashes test match – a draw. Finished on BB. Answered phone but no-one there – telemarketer?

watched YouTube videos to get an idea (hopefully) of Remediation for MED104. Still have no idea, if anything I am more confused than before. Anyway, that’s the next subject, not this one.


scratched a scratchie – Mega Puzzler $12, if I don’t win anything I can go into the draw to scratch a super huge scratchie for Guiness Book of Records (apparently) Won $18 so no huge scratchie draw for me.

TV is still on, watching snooker now. Re-tweeted a QPS plea for help.  Starting to think I am a little too fond of electronic media. Might do my second Media Diary entry as if I’ve become allergic to electronic media and as such can’t use it at all. Never know, it might be true. I know one lady who can’t use them as it sets of her epilepsy. Twittered a few messages.

Fiddled around with nothing much. Tweeted and emailed as needed.

worked on Excel spreadsheets. Discover Magazine is on TV

dinner break – still watching Discover Magazine on TV, played Gin Rummy and Solitare while eating dinner & watching TV. Ate alone, so it didn’t matter who I did or didn’t entertain. Watched the first round of Jeopardy

Watched/Listened the second round of Jeopardy while cleaning up.

Back to Excel spreadsheets – TV still on.

Finished fighting with Excel. Twittered for a while. TV still on. Did secure internet browsing.

Finally finished wrestling with a tricky problem on the PC & internet.  Time for some relaxing I think, but I really should check the BB first.

TV still on. Off to iTunes to see if the iLecture is on there yet.

Couldn’t find it at iTunes, but it is on BB so I’ll just “grab” it from there. Not looking forward to 42mins of lecture though. Never been fond of listening to anyone talk about anything, I much prefer to read info than listen to what could be exactly the same words, doesn’t matter who it is talking.  TV is now a taped show I like to relax to.

TV off.  Finally started listening to Tama’s iLecture. Got caught up in online procrastination relaxation. Tama’s lecture seems pretty easy to listen to and follow.

Made some posts to BB, including asking a question about “convergence”.

Tweeted & checked emails.

BB again, this time about A3&A4 and the separation of due dates given the feedback needed from A3 to complete A4.

checked PC emails for last time. Facebook to do a daily game that only needs 5 mins. PC off. Will email this entry to PC once finished and post it to BB tomorrow – I mean today – when I wake up.

Radio on 612ABC for overnight background listening. It helps me relax and stop thinking about too much while lying awake not sleeping. Will play a few games of Solitare or Gin Rummy before I finally get to sleep no doubt, but I won’t try those unless my mind is working too hard still in first 15-20mins in bed.

Consider this as last media for day unless not asleep by 3am.  Yes, this would be a “normal” first day of Study Period for me. Bowling is relatively new to my life, but yes it happens then every week (as well as Wednesday nights). Yes the tv would be on that long most days if I am interested in the content as background noise. Unless I am having a lot of trouble with something, there is hardly ever silence around me.

iPad put onto Nightstand sleep mode so alarm goes off to wake me tomorrow.



iPad close by or on all day & frequently used for a variety of purposes

PC on all day while home & in near constant use (yes I use both at the same time – refer to one for something while using the other)

TV on all day while interested in broadcast content

BB visited frequently

Twitter on alert mode (alerted when I am mentioned)

Email on alert mode (alerted when I get email)

Radio on in car and while in bed

Telephone rarely used

Outside media influences largely ignored

Internet browser window open to BB or Facebook almost all day

Yes, my day is largely spent with a computer monitor in front of me, iPad beside me, the TV within view, phones within reach & I often have all three main devices on at the same time.

If the TV has nothing worth watching on direct, I will be watching a taped show or listening to music. Sound is always present and the Internet is my link to the outside world.