As the Rocketboom (2010) video reminds us, television as a media form of any kind is less than a century old, and yet has become so ingrained and normalised that it is often difficult to imagine a world where television isn’t central.
Rocketboom. (2010). The Future of Television. Retrieved from http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dXbI_aTiA84 Full credits available at http://info.rocketboom.com/index.php?title=The_Future_of_Television

Relating to the Rocketboom video, yes it is handy as a reminder of where TV has been and how far it has progresses, but realistically, unless I had a nano-nap in those 3:38 mins, where is the info on the future of TV? All I see is information on what already exists. We can get information on programming via the Foxtel box, we can put a TV-tuner card in our computers and (effectively) do away with the physical form of the tv altogether. Why, apart from wanting to get the latest contraption, would we want to have that tv/net thing that seemed to be being shown? And realistically? How different is that to what we could have if we inserted a tv-tuner card into our computers? Plus, there does seem to be quite a few tv channels who allow some of the programs to be downloaded from their websites for home computer viewing.  I don’t see how “the future of tv” is really going to help anybody (except maybe the big companies by lining their pockets with yet more of our hard earned money)