Does Alvarez’s success with “Panic Attack” prove that anyone with a camera and a computer can finally make their way into Hollywood?
(And should that be the goal for all filmmakers?)
Tryon C. (2009b) “Panic Attack and YouTube Discovery”, The Chutry Experiement. Retrieved November 24, 2010 from http://www.chutry.wordherders.net/wp/?p=2259

Firstly, I must state that I have only read the very short article and have not had the chance to view the short film it is referring to.

No, I do not think that Alvarez’s success means that “anyone” with camera and computer can make it to Hollywood. I have a camera and a computer and can probably make short films, yet I have no desire to make it to Hollywood, and as such would probably not make a film suitable to Hollywood entry standards. There are many others who stein the same situation, and there ares also those who while they do wish to achieve Hollywood fame, do not have the skills or talent to create a piece of work that would get them noticed.
Then there is the problem for those who do have the skills and talent (like Alvarez apparently has), the problem of getting their work out there and noticed by the right people, so that they can have a chance to achieve their ultimate goal.
Yes, having the right skills and equipment to start with is an obvious advantage over those who have neither, but it is not the be all and end all of the situation.

Should Hollywood be the goal of all filmmakers? No, I don’t think so. In my opinion, Hollywood is over hyped and over marketed as the place to be if you want to get anywhere in the film world. Sadly, this has been going on for so long, that there are now very few other alternatives for anyone who does want to get into film in a big way.

For the people who “found” Alvarez on YouTube and have seemingly given him a huge contract or project based on a short four minutes of film, they are bordering on stupid in my opinion. As Tyron tells us, “As Goldstein cautions, a four minute film tells us little about whether Alvarez will be able to deliver a feature-length story”

Caution really should be taken when “discovering” people online. Who knows who is really behind the work being shown?