Alvarez, F. (2009), Ataque de Pánico! (Panic Attack!), Retrieved from http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-dadPWhEhVk

Having just now had the chance to watch the short film of Panic Attack that Alvarez made and posted on YouTube, and has subsequently gained a Hollywood contract from, I am wondering why Alvarez has been offered the Hollywood contract.  I can see from the credits of the film that he alone did not make it, that there are another ten people (yes I counted them) who had major roles in the production (indicated by the larger type of the credits) as well as another dozen or so people involved in other areas of this film.  Have these more important ten at least, have these too been offered Hollywood contracts?  At the very least, I would have expected that the director of photography, and the other people involved in the animation & design of the robots and spacecraft would have at least got somewhere; yet we have heard nothing of them being offered a Hollywood deal.
Looking at the credits, I can see that Alvarez has credited himself as the Director, a Producer, the ‘Post y VFX’, and as one of the animators & designers of the robots & spacecraft; yet I can also see that there are others involved as well.  Have Mauro Rondan, or Pablo Turcatti, or Emiliano Mazza been offered $30M Hollywood contracts?
Why should Alvarez have been seemingly singled out for this “honor”?  If he had single-handedly thought of, filmed, produced, animated, designed and directed every single aspect of this film, then I could understand why he has been accepted.  But with the large amount of input by other people in what are in my mind, important aspects and roles of producing this short film, why has he alone been given a contract?  The others deserve it just as much as he does, in my opinion anyway.