First assignment due to be handed in, which is aptly numbered Assignment 2, is an essay that asks me to analyse what impact digitisation and convergence have had on my chosen topic – I’ve chosen Photography. While it doesn’t appear to be a hard topic to write about, I am struggling with it, but for a wide variety of reasons which I won’t go into here.

On a lighter note, I had stumbled across the article below a while ago and have briefly contemplated including a secret message of some sort in an assignment, but two things stop me.  One, I don’t need the extra hassle of trying to work something in, and Two, I might get in trouble if I inadvertently write something “bad”.  That said however, it does make me wonder how many students slip a concealed message or two into an assignment just to see if the marker is reading the whole thing or not.

I am sure that I’ve never had a tutor in the past who’s just looked then ticked, and I’m hoping like heck I never do have one. I would much rather be marked honestly for what I have done than be looked over, even in written format.

Note to my tutors, No, I’m never going to do it. If I put a message in my assignment, it’ll be very obvious.

Take care all.