There are four videos to watch for this weeks viewing, and the instructions are:

  • Think about how these videos were probably constructed.
  • What techniques were likely used and how long would it have taken to make each one?
  • Do you think any of these videos show a style you might like to try and utilise?
  • How else might you approach the format of your Reflective Web Media Creation?

To address the first two of these questions first….

Augmented Reality – Explained by Common Craft

Having seen a number of CommonCraft videos, I can pretty safely say that I think they are created by cutting out lots and lots of pieces of paper (or transparencies) that have had images either drawn or printed on them and these are then either moved by hand which is left visible in the footage) or by hand which is then edited out of the footage.  The sound may or may not be recorded at the same time as the footage when moving the papers by a visible hand, but would almost certainly be recorded as a separate track when the hand movements are edited out.  I suspect that the preparation of this video (and others like it) took far far longer than the actual filming and post-editing of the footage, and the whole process may have taken a week or more to go from start to finish (not counting concept development & script writing).

Hitler discovers that Julian Assange lost out to Mark Zuckerberg

This video looks to be a clever compilation of existing film footage, and someone’s additions of subtitles which have no connection to the original footage yet the words have been written to appear to fit with the footage being watched.  There are other versions of this footage on YouTube that had a completely different set of subtitles added to it. (Links at bottom of post).  The technique here would be as simple as pick some footage of a foreign language film (thus needing subtitles), write a script to match the action shown and then using appropriate software, put the subtitles in the appropriate spots throughout the footage and voila, it’s done.  Concept development, sourcing & watching the footage and script writing I suspect would make up the majority of the time and the compilation of the result would take mere hours at most to perfect.

Dan Bull – Dear Mandy [an open letter to Lord Mandelson]

This video, appears to be rather simplistic in nature, however there is skill involved. To write a song that can be sung at the same speed as someone is typing the words of the song is skill, albeit hand-eye-coodination skill as well as singing ability, it is skill nonetheless.  Otherwise, all that appears to have been needed is a screen-capture program (no flicker seems to rule out an external camera source).  Time taken would be as long as needed to write the song and record it, then practice typing it at the same speed as singing it.

So you Want to Get a PhD in the Humanities

Having not used “xtranormal”, I am unsure how this film has been made, however it seems to me that this sort of thing could be made relatively simply given the right skills and technology.  Also, not having used “extranormal” I have no real concept of how long something like this would take to create.


Moving on now to the other questions, I would like to try at some time the techniques used in the CommonCraft style video, but I don’t think that will be possible for this assignment, mainly due to time constraints & the lack of a stand-alone video camera.  Given time however, I would like to give this technique a go in a Flash format, by first creating the elements in Photoshop and saving them as gif’s or png’s for use in the Flash animation.  If a Flash animation was not possible, then an alternate way of creating and presenting my RWMC would be as a PowerPoint Presentation that would be saved and uploaded through a site called authorStream, and I have already investigated this possibility in a previous post.


Other Hitler dubbed with odd subtitles

Hitler tries to run a Dental Practice

Hitler and the vuvuzela at the 2010 Fifa World Cup

Hitler reacts to the Hitler parodies being removed from YouTube