Core Viewing Video:
The Evolution of Remix Culture

Thought provoking, but not sure how that helps at this point.  What I was surprised about was that I recognised both the video footage and the song of the first mashup shown.  I believe the footage to come from an animated movie called “Vampire Hunter D” (I own a copy on DVD) and the song to be “Phenomena” as originally sung by The Muppets in their show (but adapted from a song called “Mah Nà Mah Nà” written by Piero Umiliani)

It is interesting to note one of the comments made (when viewing the video through the YouTube site), the user named “jqp364” says “This was not remixing. All the same music, no video mashup… just clips of people emulating a 30 year old film.” I am assuming here that the user is referring to the numerous pieces of footage that do seem to copy the piece of footage beforehand. And frankly, I agree with them – this is not mashup.

The idea that I have of “mashup” and “remix” is where segments are taken from one source and put together in a different way and have a different sound track put over the top of them.  The clips that copy the clip before (Brat Pack dancing stuff) and simply change the location and the people, to me are not mashups, what they are, I do not know.   The first clip shown (Vampire Hunter D & Phenomena) is however in my mind, an example of mashup, as is, the original Brat Pack dancing bit, where the original movie(s) have been cut and paste to form the final piece.  The copycat Brat Pack dancing clips however do not fit this criteria because they are simply a “photocopy” of the original – ok, so they’ve used a different paper and a different colour ink, but it’s still the same.

Piero Umiliani

Vampire Hunter D