ok. good. That worked nicely.

  1. Create Flash animation
  2. Export as movie
  3. Upload to YouTube
  4. Embed here.

Given that I would much rather be presenting my RWMC as a video able to seen when first looked at here on my blog, and I would rather work with a medium that I am familiar with and can easily monitor the time length of, I think it is This Way that I am going to do for the RWMC.

Although, I am not sure at all why the top and bottom of my animation have been “chopped off”.  The original flash animation was 250px by 250px and it does appear that YouTube uses a larger size than this as their video dimensions and does display the whole area when viewed on YouTube, but why it would cut the top and bottom off when embedding here I have no idea.  The cropping does seem to only be on the initial view however, the correct orientation does work with the actual video.

I am going to have to investigate the best dimensions for a video I think – but I suspect it will be in a 4:3 or 16:9 format like normal & widescreen tvs.