Should different media forms have different copyright restrictions; does taking a 10-second ‘quote’ from a feature film in a remix video equate with quoting 50 words form a published book in an essay or a published article in a journal?

In my opinion, we should have different copyright restrictions on different forms of media, but, that said, there should also be written in to those restrictions what constitutes as fair use.  That said, I see nothing inherently different between a 10 second film clip “quote” and a 50 words book “quote” – as long as both are correctly and clearly attributed to the original author &/or copyright holder.

The problem I see that currently exists, is that writing has been around in one form or another for millenia now, yet multimedia is by comparison almost newborn in nature.  As such, writing has long since established rules and regulations, both in writing styles and in later times quoting regulations.  Multimedia is still relatively new on the scene and the current generations are the ones who are showing the need for the rules, guidelines and boundaries to be set. Likewise, the current generations are the people who are going to have to set those same rules, guideline and boundaries before it gets out of hand.