Thought I’d better show some Marks for the Photoshop work I’ve been doing.

Adjustment Layers
v1 – 5/10 – apparently my black point was not low enough and I was very blue saturated
v2 – 7/10 – apparently I can still get some improvement in the blacks or something, but I can’t work out how.

v1 – 5/10 – only needed some minor adjusting to  the shadows and some fill light added
v2 – 10/10

Layer Masks
10/10 – No problems, no second attempt needed

Clone & Stamp
v1 – 7/10 – I knew when I submitted that I’d need to revisit this one as I could see that I had what I thought was pixelation in the sea, but because I didn’t know what had caused it I didn’t know how to fix it.  Apparently this was caused by not getting all of the background in when creating the colour range mask.
v2 – 10/10 – was much happier with this one.

Replace Colour & Tone
10/10 – No problems, no second attempt needed


So, I am currently sitting on 47/50, with 50 potential more points to be awarded, 10 each for the 3 remaining exercises and 20 for the final assignment.  Very happy so far.