In the Final Assignment, we have to either enhance a single photographic image, or create a montage from at least two photographic images.  We need to take the photos ourselves as well.

Other requirements include the need to show most, if not all, of the techniques covered in the unit.  These being:

  • Photo taken with no clipping, appropriate white balance and correctly embedded profile
  • Local and global adjustments using adjustment layers and layer masks
  • Montage using accurate masking techniques – selection saved as an alpha channel
  • Use gradients and/or a vignette
  • Use clone tool effectively
  • Create dodge and burn layer and/or replace colour
  • Merge visible elements to a new layer
  • Adjustment layer used in a clipping mask to limit adjustment to a single layer

There is no stipulation that I can ascertain on the resulting image being true to life, and as such a slight fantastical aspect to the image could well be appreciated.

My idea for this final assignment therefore is to create a montage comprising of the following elements.

  • Panoramic view of city skyline, taken from a high point (merge visible elements to new layer)
  • A different sky to be used if possible (masking)
  • A hand reaching down (selection saved as alpha channel & masks)
  • An object to be positioned within the skyline as if just placed by the hand (selection saved as alpha channel, masks & adjustment layers)
  • Object to be recoloured (replace colour, single layer adjustment, clipping mask)
  • Removal of unwanted objects from skyline image (clone tool)

When each image is taken I will of course have to ensure that no clipping through over or under exposure occurs.  Although I could take a single image of the hand reaching down with the object, I’d rather do these as two separate layers to ensure I can get my overall composition the way I want it.

Now I just have to take my photos.