Well,I got feedback for my Faux Styles image from the tutor.

That looks good. Your crop is off centre though, as the main focus of the image is off to the left. It’s ok, but you have the opportunity to submit another version if you’d like to improve your mark. 8/10.

I’m not sure though, specifically what the tutor means by “main focus of the image” though, particularly in relation to what definition of focus he is using.  If he is referring to the focus as being the point of interest, then what is so bad about having the bridge pylons off to the left of the image? If he is referring to the focus as being a point that is clear and un-blurred, then ok, and from memory I think I did put that point off to the left slightly. But my impression of Holga cameras is that they are not perfect and have a unique style to them, and who is to say that this particular Holga camera doesn’t have a quirky focal point?

Anyway, I have asked him for clarification and will fix if needed.


29 April

Update Update

Got a reply from my tutor this afternoon, and having explained my motivation for the bridge positioning, he is happy to allow it and has adjusted my mark accordingly – I now have 10/10 for this work.