Got my mark for my Photomerge – 10/10 – and am (obviously) very happy with it.

Now that my final assignment piece has been handed in, and is the only piece that is not going to be allowed a resubmission, I have finished this subject, and am currently sitting on 77/80 with a potential 20 marks to be awarded for the final assessment.  By my calculations, that means that I will end up with at least a Distinction for this subject, but will most likely end up with a High Distinction- unless I get a 0/20 for the final, but even then I’ll still have a Distinction.

My only “regret” is that I was not able to perfect my first piece – the Princess Bridge – and to be able to get that Black Point low enough.  I’ve read back over this exercise a few times since, and I still can not work out just how to do it. I’m almost wondering if it is even possible to achieve.  I’m going to revisit the exercise in its entirety today and see how I go.