What do I do now?  Well, I guess I’ll be heading in a slightly new direction for a while.  Back in March I applied through QTAC for mid-year admission to CQU for their Bachelor of Multimedia Studies (External).  While I knew that I had a reasonable chance to be accepted, I knew there was also the reality that I would miss out for whatever reason.  There were four possible dates that I would be potentially offered a place in the degree: 13 April 2011, 4 May 2011, 19 May 2011 & 2 June 2011.  At the time I applied I obviously hoped for news on the 13th April, but I also knew that the offer would be far more likely to occur at some point in May.  To my surprise I got offered a place in the degree in the April round, which I accepted.  So in a sense, I know the answer to “What now?”.  That answer is, 6 weeks of no study.  But after that, things are still a little uncertain.

When I was offered a place, and accepted it, I applied for credit for subjects that I had studied elsewhere, in the hope that I might get 2 or 3 credits, or at least to be told that I could “skip” the electives.  To my very great surprise, I have been credited with a total of 12 subjects: three core level one subjects, two core level two subjects, one Digital Production Major subject, and six electives.  I was gob-smacked and absolutely thrilled, and especially since I am going to be doing the Digital Production Major.  So out of a 24 subject degree, I am essentially already half way through and I haven’t even started it yet.

This did however bring up a very tricky situation for Term 2. The subjects available in Term 2 all have pre-requisites of subjects I have not yet done, or are in the other major that I am not interested in doing.  As such, I spoke with a couple of course providers and with the head of the degree, and was able to state my case and I have been allowed to enrol in two subjects that I am confident that I have the skills for already.  I have not actually been credited the pre-requistie subjects, I am just temporarily bypassing them, they will get done at a later stage.

I’ve also made a very bold decision.  I am going to study two subjects in each term, rather than just one like I have been.  There are a couple of good reasons for this though; firstly, there are only 3 terms per year through CQU, and as such we have 3-4 weeks holidays in between terms, thus giving me time to relax and have a break; the second reason, is that if I do 2 subjects per term, I will be finished by this time 2013, just 2 years away.  Time to relax right now though.