Thought it was about time I updated people on what I have been doing lately in relation to my studies.  Well, I had to take term 3 off due to events happening in December that would have made structured study extremely difficult, so I haven’t done very much for a few months now, and it won’t be until Term 1 in March that this organised, structured, degree-based study will start again.

I have however been studying two different things; to obtain certification for Adobe Photoshop CS5, and my family history.  Both of these have been incredibly interesting and due to their incredibly flexible nature, both have been sanity savers in the times where I would have otherwise become very bored.  My aim is to complete the Photoshop certification studies and take that exam by the end of January, whereas the family history study I think will last for quite some time yet.

What subject I will be undertaking in term 1 is yet to be determined, but I strongly suspect that it will have something to do with Photoshop or Illustrator, I can only hope that it will be fulfilling and challenging, yet not too stressful.