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After finishing my last subject about 2 weeks ago, I have been mixing my time between studying for my MS Excel Certification, Digitally Scrapbooking my family history, and catching myself a cold (at least that is what I think I caught).

The Excel studies are going well, lots of spreadsheets to modify and practice on, and I am thoroughly enjoying it all. I am learning new things as well, which is good, and I am constantly being surprised by both my current knowledge levels, and by new information that I had known about but had not fully grasped.

The Digital Scrapbooking of my family history is coming along nicely, I am setting myself goals of who, what story, or which event I want to represent in a page, and then if I don’t have the information already, I go find it.  I will have to renew my Ancestry.com.au subscription shortly so that I can keep researching from home, but I have found so much data in the past 6-12 months that I still have to convert to human-readable and easily understandable facts, that I am not sure I’ll need to renew it again just yet.

The cold, yes well, it’s a cold, sore throat, no voice, foggy and headachey head, what else can I say about it. Fingers crossed it leaves soon, dosing up on the Vitamin C always seems to help in my mind.

My next subject will be more Flash animations, something about games I believe. More to follow on that when I find out.