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These are the guidelines for the game I grew up knowing as “Whiz Bang Pop”. It may be known by other names or have differing guidelines in other parts of the world, but this is how I remember playing it.

Whiz Bang Pop is a Maths game, best played with three or more players of any age, and teaches and reinforces concentration and multiplication skills through counting up from 1 until someone makes a mistake, a pre-determined target is reached, or hilarity forces an end.

For younger players choose one or two numbers that will be the multipliers. Older players may choose to have more multiplier numbers.
For each multiplier number a word is substituted, and when counting, when the number is a result of that multiplier, the assigned word is used instead.
The words of the game title are not the only words able to be used, if four or more multipliers are used, then other words can be chosen

Some examples.

Example 1:
The multiplier number of 3 is replaced with the word Whiz.
Players start counting upwards from 1 replacing multiples of 3 with the word Whiz.
“1, 2, whiz, 4, 5, whiz, 7, 8, whiz, 10” and so on.

Example 2:
3 is replaced by Whiz, and 5 is replaced by Bang.
“1, 2, whiz, 4, bang, whiz, 7, 8, whiz, bang, 11, whiz, 13, 14, whiz bang, 16” and so on.
Since 15 is the result of 3 multiplied by 5, it is replaced by both words.

Example 3:
This time, 3 is replaced by Whiz, 5 is replaced by Bang, 8 is replaced by Pop, and 10 is replaced by Fizzle.
“1, 2, whiz, 4, bang, whiz, 7, pop, whiz, bang fizzle, 11, whiz, 13, 14, whiz bang, pop, 17, whiz, 19, bang fizzle” and so on.
The number 30 would be represented by Whiz Bang Fizzle, 40 would be Bang Pop Fizzle, while the number 120 would be Whiz Bang Pop Fizzle since it can be evenly divided by all four multipliers in play.

Next time the kids are bored with Maths, try this game and see how far you can get.