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On a recent trip out into the country, I passed a tiny church and noticed a small graveyard at the rear of the property. Stopping to look, I discovered a well maintained and obviously well cared for cemetery.

This is Boonara Cemetery.

Boonara Cemetery

Boonara Cemetery

Containing a total of 23 graves, 33 people are remembered here, and all appear to be from just a handful of families. The oldest monument on site records a burial in 1850, a young boy of just 1 year and 4 days of age. He was not the youngest buried though, 101 years later a monument records a 5 month old boy. With the most recently attached plaque recording a death in 2009, and the most recent new headstone recording a death in 2008, and combining this with the small but active community and actively used church, it appears that this cemetery may still yet receive more burials.