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Today, being Easter Sunday, I thought it an appropriate time to reflect on life and death and to visit and photograph the plaques of the Columbarium walls at St Mary’s Anglican Church, in Kangaroo Point Brisbane. Apart from the stunning views of the city, the church is historic having had its foundation stone laid in 1872. Unfortunately I arrived too late in the day to go inside the church, but the exterior is something to behold in itself. I’m not sure if the church ever had a cemetery of its own at any time in the past, but it does currently have three Columbarium walls which are beautifully set out and obviously still in active use.

Many of the plaques simply have a two digit year and so it is unknown if these are for the 1900’s or the 1800’s, some research will be needed to determine that for certain, however many have the full four digits and it appears that the majority of the plaques are for deaths occurring in the 1900’s with some in the 2000’s. The most recent death date appears to be in 2011, and the earliest that I am aware of is 1921. While the majority of the plaques remember people in their 70’s and 80’s, there are a number of centenarians, with the oldest being 111 years and 4 months (as recorded on the plaque). There are of course a number of infants, children and teenagers remembered here as well, and a number of plaques simply state a name and a date.

One of the Columbarium walls at St Mary's Kangaroo Point

One of the Columbarium walls at St Mary’s Kangaroo Point