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There is a lady in my family tree, who intrigues me and puzzles me at the same time. Since she is now deceased some 47 years, and the chances are her children are deceased as well, I feel I can share details with you. Perhaps someone who reads this may have some knowledge of her, and may be able to help solve the mystery she has created in my family.

Name: Linda McDONALD (or MacDONALD)
Born: ?? about 1900 – death certificate declares Brisbane, QLD
Married: 1921, Helidon, QLD
Spouse: Alexander McEWAN
Children: 3 – Flora, Alexander and an unknown female
Died: Nov 1966 Brisbane QLD aged 66
Reputed parents according to Death Cert: George McDonald and Helen Marshall

Reasons why a brick wall mystery:

  1. She’s not listed on the reputed parents George & Helen’s death certs
  2. She’s listed as sibling to their children and daughter to the mother in various death notices, but is Not listed as daughter to the father in his death notice
  3. No birth registration can be located under the maiden name as implied at death
  4. She Does Not Appear in Any Way on the Family Tree written down While she was alive, yet this family tree contains information about deceased infants from 80+ years prior and information about grandparents of spouses who married in, as well as other info that was rumour or suspected but was marked as such.
  5. This same tree contained information about all living family at the time it was written, but Not Linda.
  6. She is not listed as a child of the reputed parents on their death certificates

What do I already have?

  • Death certificate of Linda
  • Death certs for reputed parents
  • Electoral Rolls for Linda and husband
  • Death notices for some siblings and for mother
  • Death cert for a sister who was old enough to be mother

What is “in the mail”

  • Death cert for brother & brother’s wife, both of whom were old enough to be the parents but too young to marry and raise a child at the approximate time of birth
  • Church records are being investigated by a third party

What do I want to find out?

  • What was Linda’s actual relationship to her reputed parents?
  • What was her name at her birth?
  • When & where was she born?
  • How did she come to live with the family and the parents she obviously thought were hers?

Only time will tell what the answer to my questions are.