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There is a lady in my family tree, who intrigues me and puzzles me at the same time. I wrote about her a few days ago in the hope that someone who reads this may have some knowledge of her, and may be able to help solve the mystery she has created in my family.

Well, I have some new information to add, so I’ll lay out the facts as known again here.

Name: Linda McDONALD
Born: 21 May 1899 – marriage & death certificates declare Brisbane, QLD
Married: 15 Sept 1921, Helidon, QLD
Spouse: Alexander McEWAN
Children: 3 – Flora, Alexander and an unknown female
Died: Nov 1966 Brisbane QLD aged 66
Parents according to Marriage & Death Certs: George McDonald and Helen Marshall

What I now know.
Linda is recorded as starting school in Toowoomba in January of 1908, aged 8 years 8 months, and the school records record her parent/guardian as being George Stewart MacDonald of Taylor St, Railway Guard. This ties in with the known location and occupation of George & his previously known family. The question that must be asked is, why had Linda not started school prior to this time? The family had been living in Toowoomba since 1901, and there had no doubt been ample opportunity to send Linda to school prior to this.
Having now ruled out siblings old enough to have been Linda’s true mother/father through obtaining their death certificates and drawing a blank, the question still remains – who were Linda’s true parents?
In May 1899, Helen would have been aged 50, somewhat a little old to be having another child, although not completely out of the realms of possibilities. But if Helen & George had been Linda’s parents, then the next youngest sibling would have known about Linda and would have mentioned her to my grandfather to be included on the family tree.

This leads me to only one possible solution. That Linda was not the biological child of anyone of the family, although her being the child of an extended family member has not been ruled out. Tracing George & Helen’s siblings is proving somewhat tricky and problematical, with the only one so far successfully traced as coming to Australia from Scotland, arriving in 1914, too late for Linda to be a part of that family.

One day I’ll find the answer – or it will find me.