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For the past 4 months, I have been in the process of writing a Family History document, and now that I am finished, I am printing it for in-family distribution.

As I knew that this document would be quite large, I broke the document down into chapter files for ease of management. As such, I set the start page number of each file so that the page numbers would correctly follow on from the previous chapters. The final document contains 101 pages, 9 chapters, a timeline, an appendix, over 180 images, and over 22,300 words (not counting image captions),

Today, after printing 3 complete copies, I noticed a small but technically significant error on one of the pages in an early chapter. After correcting the error, I tried to reprint that page, but my printer refused to print the page I specified, but instead printed a different page that occurred earlier in the file. This particular file started at page 9 of the book and contained 25 pages in total. I quickly realised though that by telling the program that I wanted to print page 16 (thinking I was telling it to print the 16th page of the file), the program actually printed Page 16, the 16th page of the book.

To double check this, I tried to print page 1 of the file, but nothing printed, yet when I tried to print page 9, the first page of the file was printed.

This is something that I shall need to remember in future when needing to reprint a specific page from a Word file where the start page number has been adjusted.