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Some helpful background into DNA and Ethnicity Determination.


DNAeXplained - Genetic Genealogy

It’s no secret in the genetic genealogy community that one of my special areas of interest is Native and mixed race heritage.  Both are obscured in the history of this country and this continent, and hampered by the lack of records.

Descendants are left to attempt to piece the history of their family together, many times with nothing more concrete than oral family history, faintly remembered.  For these people, and there are many, genetic genealogy is the best and final hope they have of discovering IF the family rumor is true.  If it is true, then perhaps by the judicious use of these new DNA tools, we can begin to get some idea of where to look on the family tree, as well as in historical records.

Someone asked a question on the blog the other day about how to interpret these results, and I do want to answer that…

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