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An open letter to Andrew Leiper, my Great-great-great grandfather.

Dear Andrew,
I am your great-great-great grand-daughter, and I am looking for you.
I know you existed because I have a copy of the marriage register that you signed with your own hand when you married my great-great-great grandmother Eliza Jane. I know from this that you could write your own name, and as such could probably read as well, and therefore had received some form of education in your life.
I know though from the birth registrations of your sons John Andrew & Walter Henry, that there was some confusion about your age at some stage, as your age went backwards by two years in the eight years between the boy’s births. Although the place of your birth did remain the same each time, I can’t find a record of your birth or baptism there.
I know you were living in Sydney New South Wales when you married Eliza Jane Smith, in Castlemaine Victoria when your son John Andrew was born, and in Grafton New South Wales when your son Walter Henry was born. What I don’t know is where you lived after you married and before John Andrew’s birth, or where you took the family in the eight years before Walter Henry’s birth in Grafton. I also don’t know where you and your family went after that.
Were you present at your son John Andrew’s wedding in West Maitland in 1883? Did you watch your son Walter playing cricket in Maitland in 1884? Did you ever visit Walter’s Billiard Saloon in West Maitland in 1885? Did you get to see your sons grow up to be men?
I have so many questions for you, when were you born, who were your parents, when did you arrive in Australia if you were not born here, where did you live after Walter was born, when did you die, where are you buried, what did you do for a living, and so so many more.
One day I’ll work it out, I hope. In the meantime, Rest in Peace, where-ever you are, you do have descendants who care about your life and want to know more. You have not been forgotten, although you are yet to be known.
With love,
your great-great-great grand-daughter, Kathy

Name: Andrew LEIPER
Birth date: unknown – sometime around or between 1813 and 1823
Birth place: unknown – probably Brighton, England
Mother: unknown
Father: unknown

Spouse: Eliza Jane Smith
Date of Marriage: 8 May 1854
Place of Marriage: Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

Death Date: unknown – after 1864
Death place: unknown – probably Australia

John Andrew Leiper – born Dec 1856, Castlemaine, Victoria, Australia
Walter Henry Leiper – born Dec 1864, Grafton, New South Wales, Australia
Possibly a daughter and another son.