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Last year I had reason to contact the family history centre in a small town in Scotland regarding family members buried in the church graveyard. As a result of at least a dozen very helpful emails back and forth across the world, I was asked to submit a short article to the quarterly magazine, which I did with pleasure. I also included my contact details so that any family members reading it could contact me if they wished to.

Well, I received a copy of that magazine in early January, and I’m glad it came when it did, as the very next day I received an email from the wife of my late 3rd cousin once removed. Emails once again flew back and forth across the world and were sent to other family members as well – and within a very short time, I was communicating with a 3rd cousin once removed from a slightly different descendant line. Just days later, yet another 3rd cousin once removed contacted me (from another descendant line again), and another “cousin” has been contacted as well.

From one simple, short, but informative article, I have been connected with the descendants of two of my Great-Great-Grandmother’s sisters and hope to hear from another soon. However, and this is possibly just as important, I have essentially given these people, knowledge and information regarding their Great Grand Aunt that they were unaware of, and I have given them the knowledge that she didn’t just “vanish”, that she did marry, that she had children, that she had a long life, and that she was loved.

James Marshall & Elizabeth Reid lived in Dunning, Perthshire, Scotland, and between 1829 and 1851 had 14 children: Janet, Margaret, Elizabeth, Mary, Christina, Catherine, James (1), James (2), Charles, George, Robert, Helen, Amelia, and John. I am aware of at least 105 people who are direct descendants of those 14 children. Six of the children I know had children of their own (Janet, Margaret, Elizabeth, Mary, Christina & Helen), three others married but I have yet to find issue for (Catherine, James (2), & Charles), three I am yet to find any evidence of marriage or marriage (George, Robert, & John), while two died in early childhood (James (1) & Amelia).

Two parents – 14 children – 105 known grandchildren, great grand children, great great grandchildren, great great great grandchildren & great great great great grandchildren – how many more are yet to be found?