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Finally, I have had a break through in one of my family walls. Last week I posted about my Great Great Great Grandmother, Mary Ann Tongue, and how I had not been able to locate her birth or baptism record. Well, that post (which you can read here) was not even 24 hours old when a friend of mine messaged me with the transcript of Mary Ann’s baptism. Well, you could have knocked me down with a feather since I had not only checked that site on numerous previous occasions (FreeReg) and not found it, but I had searched through the very parish register I then had to go back to and search again. How I missed her the first time, I don’t know, but there she was, plain as day.


Tongue, Mary Ann daugr of John & Elizabeth Tongue – baptised on 15 July 1810 in Chelmsford’s St Mary the Virgin St Peter & St Cedd Cathedral.

Which, if she was baptised shortly after birth, put her age at death as 58 years … or 60 in 2 years – one of my theories about her declared age last week.

So, thank you Barbara, for checking a site I had checked before and finding that they had updated their records to now include Mary Ann. Now I just need to find/confirm her parent’s marriage, of which I have a couple of suspects, one is looking more promising than the others. But that’s another story. As is finding out why her father was in Chelmsford afterall.