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For someone who thought they’d already found everything for their convict except their birth and death, this unit made me realise that even though I had documentation, I hadn’t really looked at all of it in great depth, and so there was some things that had been overlooked.

In the process of writing my story about my convict (the main assignment), I had need to go looking for some records again to re-source them correctly, and while re-searching for the records I knew I already had, I found records I had never seen before. Whether this was because those records were unavailable before, or whether they had been previously overlooked, I don’t know, but I have those records now, and that’s what counts for me.

Was very pleased with the overall content of the unit, and while I was initially disappointed in a change in submission format for this unit, after a very short learning curve, I had no troubles with that method and found it quite easy to manage, even if the visual formatting was limited.

Convict Ancestors is available through University of Tasmania