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If you have done an autosomal test with 23andMe, are still on the “old” format of their site, and are wondering which files you need from there to import into Genome Mate Pro, this post will help you. These methods may not be valid for the “new” format of 23andMe.

There are three ways to get the files needed, the first is directly from 23andMe; the second is to download via DNAGedcom, the third is to download via a browser extension called 529andYou and will not be covered here. Please note though, regardless of which method you use, you will only gain chromosomal data for people who are sharing genomes with you.

From 23andMe

This first method obtains the files that you will import through the Genome Mate Pro templates activated by this option.


  1. Log in to your account
  2. Go to “Ancestry Tools” under “My Results” in top menu
  3. Select Family Inheritance Advanced
  4. Click on “Request an aggregation of all of {profile name}’s shared segments into a downloadable CSV file”, or “re-request the aggregation” file.
    Wait for the email saying processing is complete, then click on the “Download all of {profile}’s shared segments”. Save this file somewhere safe, but do not change the name or file type. This is the file you will load through the first import template.
  5. While waiting for the email, select your profile under “Compare” and up to five of your matches under “With”, and click “Compare”. When the page shows the Comparison table, click “download table” and save the file in a safe place. Again, do not change the file type, but you may like to add a number at the end of the required file name.
  6. Repeat step 5 for as many matches as desired, these files are the ones you will import through the third import template.
  7. For the file needed for the second import template, select “Family & Friends” in top menu and then select “DNA Relatives”
  8. Select “Download”
    Save this file somewhere safe, but again, do not change the name or file type.

There will be a fourth import template activated in this set, this is for people who were able to download the CoA file before it was discontinued in 2015.

Via DNAGedcom Client

The second method obtains the files that you will import through the Genome Mate Pro templates activated by this option.


The DNAGedcom Client is currently subscription access only, and more can be found out about it on the DNAGedcom website.

  1. Open the DNAGedcom Client on your computer, and click on 23andMe
  2. Enter your 23andMe log in details and click Logon
  3. Make sure that the desired profile is selected and click “Gather Matches”.
    This will be the file loaded through the first import template.
  4. Once complete, click on “Gather FIA”
    This will be the first file loaded through the second import template.
  5. Once that is complete, click “Gather All FIA” if desired.
    This may take anywhere from minutes to hours (or possibly even days) to run depending on how many matches you are sharing genomes with, and how much data there is to download. You will however see a green bar and a running tally of how this gathering is progressing.

Once the final download has completed, you will able to find the files in the folder designated in Options on the first view of the DNAGedcom Client.

Note: You only need to follow one of these methods, and it is recommended to pick one and stick with it. Duplicates can occur if you use both methods.