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If you have done a DNA test with Ancestry DNA and are wondering which files you need from there to import into Genome Mate Pro, this post will help you. There are two ways to get the files needed, the first is to use a browser extension; the second is to download via the DNAGedcom Client.

Very Important: Ancestry does not provide us with chromosomal data at this point in time, and as such, all you will obtain is a list of relative names. The importing of this data is completely optional given there is little that can be done with it without merging it with other data after communication with your matches.

Via Browser Extension
This first method obtains the files that you will import through the Genome Mate Pro templates activated by this option.


This extension is only available on the Google Chrome browser, and is called AncestryDNA Helper, offered by Jeff Snavely.


  1. Using Google Chrome, log in to your ancestry account and head to your DNA Insights page.
    On the left is the view of this page without the extension installed, on the right is the view we need to have.
  2. Click on Scan.
    For each one of your ancestry matches, your browser will open a new tab behind the current one and then close it again. Any tabs that it does not close automatically are matches that the scanning tool has been unable to access for some reason.
    This scan process can take many hours the first time you run the scan, but you should be able to do other things in a separate browser window while this happens.
  3. When the scan is complete, click on Download Matches, and wait for the pop up Save As box. Save the file somewhere safe, this will be the file that you import through the “Matches of File” import. Do not change the name or file format.
  4. Click on the Download Ancestors of Matches button. Wait patiently for the file to be compiled in the background. This can take some time. Do not click a second time!
  5. When the pop up Save As box appears, save the file somewhere safe and again, do not change the name or file format. This will be the file you will import through the second import template “Ancestors of Matches File”.
    Ancestors of matches file is no longer available for download via this method.

Via DNAGedcom Client
This method obtains the files that you will import through the Genome Mate Pro templates activated by this option.


The DNAGedcom Client is currently subscription access only, and more can be found out about it on the DNAGedcom website.

  1. Open the DNAGedcom Client on your computer, and click on Ancestry
  2. Put your Ancestry username and password in, and click “Logon”.
  3. Make sure that the desired profile is selected and click “Gather Matches”.
  4. Next, Gather trees.
    The first time you run this, it may take many hours to complete.
  5. Lastly, click Gather ICW

Once the final download has completed, you will able to find the files in the folder designated in Options on the first view of the DNAGedcom Client. Do not delete the files contained in the Tree Cache folder unless absolutely necessary. Those files allow the Client to simply skim those match’s trees the next time you run the Gather Trees potion of the process, shortening the time taken dramatically.

If you wish to obtain just matches that Ancestry has determined to be 4th cousins or closer, then you can change the filter from “Full” to “4th Cousin” in step 3.

Note: You only need to follow one of these methods, and it is recommended to pick one and stick with it. Duplicates can occur if you use both methods.