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The Segment Map portion of Genome Mate Pro is a great way to see just how much of your DNA you know the origins for. These are typically created automatically when three things are in place for a match – a Side has been assigned, a Group has been named, and at least one MRCA has been identified and saved.
However there can be times when you want a segment added to the map but you don’t yet know just exactly who the ancestor is that provided you with that DNA. We can add those segments manually, and there are two ways to do this.
1. Using the Right Click Menu on the Chromosome Tab
2. Using the Segment Map directly

As an example, we can see from this segment map that quite a lot of this profile person’s DNA has a known ancestor, however in this case most of this information has come from close cousins, so many of the segments are long, and group names have been hidden.

1. Adding a Manual Segment using the Right Click Menu on the Chromosome Tab

In this example, we will use a profile where much less is known about where the DNA has been inherited from, and what is known is from distant ancestors.

In this example, on the Chromosome tab and looking at Chromosome 13 and the green coloured segment, I can see the following overlapping segments.

The matches of Patricia and Carol are known and descend from the same ancestral couple on CEW’s father’s side. Laura appears to overlap almost perfectly with Patricia – but does she match her?


Looking at the Relatives > DNA Comparison view for both Patricia and Laura, we can see that there is no evidence of them having any ICW or Triangulation with each other.



Because Laura and Patricia both tested with the same company as CEW, checking at the source company helps to confirm that there appears to be no connection between these two matches.
This gives us a very good clue as to how Laura connects to CEW – since Patricia is a known Paternal match, then Laura has to match on his mothers side.
Looking at the children of CEW and their Paternal and Unknown matches in this same location, we can see the following.

KMT has the known connections of Carol and Patricia, but does not have the same long segment for Laura, but does have a smaller segment.

While MEW has the Laura connection, but does not have either Carol or Patricia

KMT and MEW both inherited this segment of their DNA from their father, but clearly, KMT inherited some of it from the Paternal Grandfather, since Patricia and Carol are connections higher up KMT’s Paternal Grandfather’s branches, while MEW inherited the majority of it from the Paternal Grandmother.

Now we have something to add to the Segment Map that can actually help us in the future – especially for the profiles of KMT and MEW.

From the Chromosome tab, I can add this segment to the Segment Map very easily for KMT by first clicking on the question mark for Laura and replacing it with a P
Mark Side
and then by clicking in the space next to that, under the Group heading, and giving the segment a Group Name
Group Name adding

Now I can Right Click on Laura’s name and select “Create Permanent Map Segment”
Create Map Segment

This segment is now on KMT’s Segment Map

I would now write some notes in the Segment Source box to explain my reasoning, adjust the Generation number if I wanted to, and select a different colour if desired. I’m going to mark this segment as being Generation 3, as I know this segment comes via one of the parents of KMT’s Paternal Grandmother. I’ll change the colour from the default colour to black so it’s clear to me that this segment is not truly identified in its source. I won’t tick the “Confirmed” box because again, I have not fully identified the source of this segment through other methods. Then I’ll click the Save button, and the segment will change from the pale aqua to black. Segment Added

I could repeat this process for MEW to get this segment onto their Segment Map, or I could use the other method available.

2. Adding a Manual Segment by using the Segment Map directly

First I need to make note of the chromosome (13), the side (P), the start point (21.3) and the stop point (27.5).
Chromosome Browser MEW

On the Segment Map view, click the “Add” button.
Segment map Add

Select the desired chromosome, mark the desired side, enter a group name, choose a generation level, and fill in the start and end points, choose a colour if desired, enter your notes to explain why you’ve marked this segment, and click Save.
Manual Add Segment

Both methods are equally simple and similarly quick to do, which method you choose to use is up to you.

In the examples above, I deduced that the segment has come via the Paternal Grandmother of KMT and MEW, and so I could put the generation as either 2 (indicating the grandmother herself) or 3 (indicating her parents). If I was on CEW’s profile, the generation number would be either 1 or 2. Which generation you choose to apply in here is up to you, but it’s probably going to be one of those three options for a segment such as this.

In each case, the segment you’ve just created is not only on the Segment Map, but is also visible at the top of the Chromosome Tab as well, and is available to help filter matches in the same way as other automatically added segments.

Hope this helps, happy hunting.