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Every item of chromosomal data that you want in Genome Mate Pro needs to be imported from somewhere through the use of Import Templates. At the end of each import, a brief summary is shown that gives the user information about how well the import went.

Examples of the Import Summary window

First one from a successful GedMatch One to One import.
5 Import Summary example

This one, from an unsuccessful GedMatch One to One Import. 8 Below mins

But what does it all mean? I’ll explain the successful import first, and then look at the unsuccessful one and show you what to check for basic troubleshooting.

A Successful Import

Each message should be explained in the log file, and this is the easiest way to find out what went right, and potentially what went wrong as well.11 Log File

Lets look at the individual steps involved, and explain the messages as well, just to be sure that we understand.

First we need a new match to import into our database.1 One to One on Gedmatch

This person is not yet in my database, and shares just one single segment with me, so following the instructions, I’ll paste this information into the Paste Data box
2 Import info pasted

After importing this data, I get the following Import Summary.3 Import Summary New Add

Here we have four messages

  • Added : 2
  • End Point Missing : 1
  • Too few columns : 18
  • Triangulation Added : 1

Because this match was not in my database already, “Added : 2” tells me that Genome Mate Pro has added this match as a relative, and added the chromosomal information as well.
As long as there is a value of 1 or higher next to “Added”, things have gone correctly with this import.

“End Point Missing : 1” refers to the top line of the table of chromosomal data that we copied from GedMatch
3a table
As long as this value is only “1”, this message is safe to ignore for this import.

“Too few columns : 18” is the message that is most likely to trip up new users, as it is the one that most looks like an Error report. The number shown can vary, but usually not by much as the format of each import is typically the same. The log file tells us that these 18 problems relate to the lines that contain either nothing at all, or contains information that is not relevant to the chromosomal information. Although the line that includes the kit numbers is included in this category, Genome Mate Pro has been able to collect that information and use it as needed.

“Triangulation Added : 1” tells us that information has been added that relates to a triangulation. There should be a number here that equals the number of segments that you imported.

What happens though if you have multiple profiles in Genome Mate Pro and import the data for a second person? The import summary is almost the same. Just “1” next to added in this case because the relative is already in the database, but the other numbers are the same as before and refer to the same items as previously mentioned.
5 Import Summary example

In the event that you forget that you’ve already got someone in your database and you import the information, your Import Summary will look something like this.
6 Duplicate Entry
Instead of “Added : 1” we have “Duplicate : 1”, and instead of Triangulation Added, we have Triangulation Updated
This simply tells us that the information we imported was already there and that an update of the Triangulation data occurred.

An Unsuccessful Import

Another new match I want to import to my database, granted the chance of this person and I finding our connection point is slim, but their data might prove helpful in the long term, so I’d like to import it anyway.

12 levels too low

After pasting the data and finishing the import process, I get the following Import Summary, and I can see that I have a problem.
8 Below mins

End Point Missing and Too few columns are both ok as previously explained, but the first message of “< Minimum cMs : 1” is the problem. If I went to the Chromosome tab for chromosome 1, I would also not be able to see the match that I just imported.

First step to trouble shoot this, is to look at the Log File.
13 error point

Ok, so our only segment to import is causing this error.

Next step for troubleshooting, is to head to Options > App Settings and to look at the Set Criteria for Data Import section
9 Import criteria

Ahh – it seems I have set my minimum cMs level at 10cM and I am trying to import a segment of just 8.8 cM
I can also see though, that even if I drop the cMs level down to allow the segment to through, the import would still fail because the SNP level of my match is just 546 SNP and my minimum import level for that is 700SNP.

If I was determined to have this segment in my database, I would drop both of those import levels and repeat the import process.

If my segment was over the minimum cMs level but under the minimum SNP import level, then my Import Summary would look something like this
14 mins snps

The Log File is your friend. If in doubt about an Import Summary, save a screenshot of it, and save the log file (it gets cleared as soon as you start another import even if you don’t go ahead with it) and post in the Facebook Support Group and someone there should be able to help you.