What does she do now? What do I do now? She’s not married. She’s only 15. She’s pregnant. What will happen to the baby? She can’t raise him alone, the neighbours will talk. She says she doesn’t know the father’s name. I’m not sure I believe that, but I have to trust her for now, she’s always been a good kid as far as I know.

Am I too young to be a grandmother? No, Susannah next door has two grandchildren and she’s my age. Although her daughter is at least married. If she knew the father she might be able to marry him maybe? Maybe not though, you need to be 16 to get a special licence, and she won’t be 16 until after the baby is due.

What if I claimed the baby as my own? Am I too old to be a mother? I’m 43. Is that too old? I don’t think so, Mary across the road has a toddler.

Ok, that’s it. She can stay with her uncle until it’s almost time, then I’ll go for a holiday. When we come home, I have a new baby, and she has a new sibling. She’ll have to do most of the in home care though, but I’ll protect her social standing and claim the child as mine. No-one will ever know otherwise. Ever.

Just one potential reaction to a situation that has happened often over time. The potential follow up can be read in The Revelation