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I’m sorry Mother. I am sorry that you are going to have to bury another daughter.

I don’t remember how you were after we buried Jane, I was only 6 months old then. But I know we always had the best health care you could provide for us any time we got even so much as a cough. You didn’t want another child lost to Diptheria.

I remember how broken you were after Elizabeth drowned when I was nearly four. I heard your screams from the house, and we were not close to the river. I remember that you never let us go near water again after that, except to bathe ourselves of course. But never swimming.

I remember how worried you were the whole time that James was away during the war. He was your youngest child of your own. Yes, Linda was younger, but James was your last child. You waited with so much tension every day the post was due, hoping and praying for news from the front. I saw you break a little when they told us he’d been wounded, but he survived, and he did come home to us. Thank God.

My stomach hurts so much, I feel ever so sick and oh so very tired. The doctors can’t help me this time, and they tell me there is nothing I could have done to have stopped it. I’m only 38, yet my time is over.

I love you Mother, I’m so sorry.

Based on Flora MacDonald’s 1924 Death Record, as well as other records of the family.