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My name is James and I’m going to be 5 and I live at the railway station because Father is a guard on the train. I have a brother called Bob and two sisters Minnie and Flo.

I like living here because there are lots of hills to climb and then roll and slide down, sometimes I slide down when I don’t mean to, but sometimes I do it because I want to. There’s a good hill near Sunday Creek with not too many rocks but I have to be careful not to roll into the water because Mother gets scared if we go too close to the water. I used to have an older sister called Lizzie, but she drowned before I was born and that’s why Mother doesn’t like us going near water.

Some of the old men here like to dig holes and then make rocky mud pies with the dirt. They don’t do it the same way I do though, they use noisy machines and they say that they are looking for copper and gold. They showed me some copper that they found once, it just looked like dirty blue rocks to me.

There are some small trees here that I can hug, but there are lots more trees that even Father can’t hug. Bob and Minnie and Flo and me all held hands one day and tried to hug a tree, but we still couldn’t get all the way around. Bob reckons we’d have made it if Father or Mother had been there.

I like living in Mount Perry.

Based on facts, I tried to envisage what life could have been like for the almost 5 year old James and his concepts of where he lived at that time.