28 January 1915
Dear Diary,
Mother has been deceased for a year today, and socially I can now come out of any level of mourning, although Father doesn’t yet want that for me. I want to though, I need to start to feel more like myself. Living in this boarding house has suited Father and I well, it’s meant that we have clean linen and three meals a day, but I haven’t really been able to properly socialise. There is a piano downstairs in the parlour, and I am resolving now to start playing it after dinner a couple of times a week. If that is well received, as I believe it will be, then I will ask Essie Ackland, and some of my other friends to come around and help me hold some “At home” musicals for the war effort.

10 December 1915
Dear Diary,
Arthur has just told me that he’ll be shipping out for the Western Front in 10 days. I may never see him again, war being what it is. To think, if I hadn’t started playing mini concerts in the boarding house parlour, he’d have never come with his friend, and I would likely have never met him. I pray he comes home safe though, because I think I love him, and I think he loves me. We’ve promised to try to reconnect after he comes home, to see if there is any spark there for us in the long term. I pray there will be.

These diary entries are my own creation based on known events that occurred within 1915 in the life of Eileen, my great grandmother.