About Me


This blog has evolved over the years. In the beginning it was intended to be a record, at least for myself, of my nocturnal (and sometimes diurnal) university studies. Since then it has expanded to studies done outside of the university framework.

These days, it covers a wide range of topics, there are posts relating to my past university studies, as well as my research into my family history, my explorations of DNA technology and how DNA is helping my family history research, as well as my various art and creative outlets.

I’m aged somewhere between 30 and 50, married, no kids, but passionate about life and what I do.

My interests include learning, genealogy / family history, photoshop, photography, web design, and most recently, getting back into the colouring that I had to put aside many moons ago.

I hope you find inspiration for your own studies and life as your read a part of mine.



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