Import Summary Explanation: Gedmatch 1 to 1


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Every item of chromosomal data that you want in Genome Mate Pro needs to be imported from somewhere through the use of Import Templates. At the end of each import, a brief summary is shown that gives the user information about how well the import went.

Examples of the Import Summary window

First one from a successful GedMatch One to One import.
5 Import Summary example

This one, from an unsuccessful GedMatch One to One Import. 8 Below mins

But what does it all mean? I’ll explain the successful import first, and then look at the unsuccessful one and show you what to check for basic troubleshooting. Continue reading


Adding Segments Manually


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The Segment Map portion of Genome Mate Pro is a great way to see just how much of your DNA you know the origins for. These are typically created automatically when three things are in place for a match – a Side has been assigned, a Group has been named, and at least one MRCA has been identified and saved.
However there can be times when you want a segment added to the map but you don’t yet know just exactly who the ancestor is that provided you with that DNA. We can add those segments manually, and there are two ways to do this. Continue reading

A Family Mystery (part 4)


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I’ve previously written about the family mystery I have (see A Family Mystery, A Family Mystery (part 2), and A Family Mystery (part 3) for the story so far), but I’ve realised that in my searches so far, I’ve not looked far enough afield in the search for how Linda may connect to the family.

True, she may have been truly adopted and not related to the family at all, but she may have also have been a niece or even a cousin of her adoptive parents, and as such, I need to be looking into the siblings of George and Helen, as well as Continue reading

Setting a “Side” for a Relative Match


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When managing multiple profiles, and assigning a side to a match, ignore the name in the profile selection box (1). Instead, focus on the Profile person (2) listed for each segment in the DNA Segments box and how that person relates to the relative (3).


For each segment, ask yourself “Which parent does the line of the family tree go through from this profile person to get to the MRCA (Most Recent Common Ancestor/s) for this relative?” Continue reading